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      Hours:Mon - Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. 24/7 Emergency Service
      Serving munities throughoutNew Hampshire and Massachusetts

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      A Higher Standard of Management

      North Point Management has a bined 100+ years of professional management experience working together for the benefit of our clients. The only pany in New England with a staff that has been nominated as a top 20 finalist for the National portfolio manager of the year in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

      Top Class Recognition

      Residences can be classified by, if, and how they are connected to neighbouring residences and land. Different types of housing tenure can be used for the same physical type. For example, connected residents.


      We're Proud of Our Work

      I hired North Point a few years ago, when it was found that the current management pany was mishandling association money. North Point helped the board hire an attorney, file a law suit against the old management pany and provided assistance to the attorney handling the case. Tim Arel and his managers expertise in property management helped our association recover $100,000.?Our association is now in the process of doing capital improvements, that were ignored for years. We have a healthy reserve account and North Point’s maintenance crew is available to us 24/7, they are experienced in building maintenance and do a great job. Overall, North Point Management was the right choice for us.

      Customer Feedback

      The Northpoint Difference

      Our professional staff is mitted to providing the highest level of managerial, financial and administrative support to boards, homeowners and developers.

      We realize that finding the right management pany is difficult; that is why we at North Point base our core values on munication, openness, and dedication. By working with your munity, we establish realistic goals and objectives, and provide the ongoing support to assist your association in meeting these goals. By clearly defining our role within your munity we can form a partnership that not only works but truly “fits" the needs of your munity.

      Contact Us!

      Our professional staff is mitted to providing the highest level of managerial, financial and administrative support to boards, homeowners and developers.

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